Text and Photography by Tim Laman
Dawn is breaking in the rain forest of Borneo. A mist hangs in the tree top as the gray light begins to penetrate the depths of the forest where I prepare my climbing rope at the base of a giant tree. My goal is to climb to a canopy observation blind which I have set up, overlooking the crown of a wild fig tree 40 meters above where I know stand. My climbing rope is ready. Now I don my harnesses and attach my ascenders to the other end of the rope. Making the final check of equipment- binoculars, cameras, notebooks, and climbing gear, I leave my flash light behind as the sky lightens gradually. The first bird calls are beginning to echo through the forest- the melodious call of the white-rumped shama, a thrush with one of the most varied repertoires I have ever heard, is often one of the first to call in the morning. Babblers start to chatter off in the understory...
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