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Located in the heart of Coral Triangle, world's coral reef biodiversity, the seas surrounding Raja Ampat islands are the richest with 565 species of corals. Similarly over 1500 species of coral reef fishes, or about 73 percent of the entire Indonesian reef fauna thrive in the region.
Text and Photography by Zafer KIZILKAYA
Shaped by the largest volcanoes in the world, Indonesian Archipelago is also known as “Ring of Fire”. Scientists believe that the amazingly rich underwater biological diversity of Indonesian waters is closely related with long time volcano activities...
Text and Photography by Zafer KIZILKAYA
Rainforests and coral reefs cover only seven percent of the earth surface. Almost 70 percent of the whole biological life on the planet exists in these ecosystems. Coral reefs are the least known and understood ecological niches.
Text and Photography by Zafer Kizilkaya
The world's second largest archipelago, the Philippines has been identified as one of the world's biologically richest countries, with tremendous levels of biological diversity and endemism despite its small area and its tiny portion of remaining natural habitat...